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    Reliable antenna installation services in Rosenthal Heights

    At Antennas, we offer an excellent range of television and antenna solutions to solve all your signal and reception problems. Our reliable team of technicians are trained in digital electronics, TV, and radio reception. We specialise in providing high quality, custom installation, repairs, and general maintenance services for new antenna digital systems and free to air satellite systems, including VAST satellite and MATV systems. Whatever you need, our experienced team is more than happy to help.

    Antenna installation services

    If your old antenna needs replacing or you require an antenna for your new property, we can help. Our expert technicians provide fast, effective antenna installation services for customers throughout Warwick and Southern Darling Downs.

    We combine the highest quality products with the latest technology and equipment to ensure superior, reliable results for years to come. Whether you require one TV for your home, or hundreds in a hotel complex, you’re sure to get excellent results from Antennas.

    We also install TVs, audio/visual devices and home theatre systems, giving you the best possible entertainment set-up for your property.

    Repairs and servicing

    At Antennas, we have over 30 years’ experience diagnosing faults with television signal and reception. If your picture regularly drops out or loses quality, give our friendly team a call today. Our expert technicians will get to work immediately, assessing your situation to solve signal problems and advising you on how to ensure the best picture quality in the future.

    Poor signal may be caused by:

    • Hardware faults: problems with your antenna, television, or cabling
    • Electrical devices: phones, microwaves, and other electrical devices throughout the home
    • Exterior structures: trees, buildings, and mountains nearby your property

    Additional ports

    If you’d like to extend the reach of your antenna to other rooms throughout your home, office, or hotel property, call Antennas today. The installation of additional TV ports is a fast and affordable way to add TVs to more rooms throughout your property, including your kitchen, garage, or staff room.

    For more information about our reliable antenna installation and repairs services, please call our friendly team today on 0418 760 615.
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